The Journey

“14 For all who are led by the Spirit of God are children of God.” – Romans 8:14

Beginning in 2025, ROOTED will offer two journeys each year – one beginning in January and one beginning in July. You may choose to take either a 6-month or a 12-month journey with the Lord through ROOTED.

ROOTED is called a discipleship “journey” because we are committed to following the Holy Spirit each day – rather than following a man-made system or curriculum. We prioritise listening for and obeying the Holy Spirit’s voice through prayer and the Word, allowing Him to teach and lead us each day during this journey. Jesus is building His church, and His leadership is perfect.

While the world emphasizes the importance of knowledge and accomplishments, at ROOTED our first priority is “buying oil” through intimacy with the Lord and abiding in Him. God wants us to delight first in being with Him and in His Word, knowing us as we seek Him and respond to Him in prayer and worship. From this place of friendship and communion with Jesus, you will then be able to faithfully follow Him and bear fruit as His disciple.

At ROOTED, we don’t believe “leadership training” is an optional elective for the few. Jesus has called all believers to be leaders by leading people to Him as we fulfill His commandment to make disciples of all nations. Therefore, you will be equipped and activated to make disciples in various settings beginning immediately in the first month of your journey.

If you choose the 12-month journey, you will allow the Lord even more time to continue transforming you into His image as you behold Him at ROOTED. There will be even more opportunities to grow and apply what you have learned in different strategic contexts. You will help build into the new group beginning their ROOTED Discipleship Journey, and may even be sent out to other Four12 partnering churches across the country and nations as the Spirit leads.

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